Burney Falls

I had the rad opportunity to road trip to Burney Falls to shoot TWO styled elopements. This location is what dreams are made of, and it is so versatile. If you ever get the chance to check this spot out, DO IT!

Sam and Salina were one of our amazing couples and they were absolute troopers. There was a bit of a walk down to the waterfall, and I kid you not the temperature dropped 20 degree's from the parking lot to the falls and the mist made it feel like the PNW instead of Northern California. Even though it was a bit chilly it took every fiber of my being to not jump in that beautiful blue water.

This location was about an 8 hour round trip drive for me over here in Gardnerville, Nevada but I would do it again in a heartbeat for more gorgeous adventure elopements like this.

I was absolutely LIVING for how Salina's hair contrasted with her white dress and the surroundings. :)