You may be asking yourself "what is a documentary style couples session"?

Well my definition of it, which is the one I gave Shelby and Collin before we started, was this; I'm going to take photos of you doing something that you would normally do together that is meaningful to you. I will give extremely limited prompts for posing, and instead let you flow naturally so I can capture this moment of time in your life exactly how it is.

These two spend many evenings exploring Carson City trails with their two pups, and this spot was their current favorite due to the beautiful wildflower blooms. They spend these evenings playing with their dogs, taking photos on whatever film camera they have most recently picked up from the local thrift store, and enjoying each others company.

Their are so many benefits to treating your photoshoot like this, and I am so thankful that Shelby gave me a quick yes when I reached out to her with the idea. See below for our actual conversation :)

I'll let Shelby's instagram caption (screenshot below) say it best, but if you are in a moment of your life that you want captured this is the way to go!