Level The Fuck Up (Excuse my language)

If you're a photographer in Northern Nevada you have probably heard of Taylor Kern and/or Kassidy Marie Hardgrove. These are two boss babes that are hard to miss. They both have insanely successful photography business', and in the last year they have launched a podcast (Level The Fuck Up Podcast), photographer retreats, and photographer content days. These powerhouses put together one extremely long day FILLED with amazing content opportunities, unfortunately I was only able to attend the evening portion but just that was jam packed with stunning models, florals, and designers. Moonlight lace boutique in Reno, Nevada provided the wedding dress for the model, Kelly Jo Smith with A Floral Affair in Gardnerville, Nevada provided the amazing bouquet, and Elise Brodsky killed it with makeup on this gorgeous girl. These two lovers had actually just recently got engaged, and were gracious enough to model for this styled elopement at Calawee Cove on Lake Tahoe. Everything was flawless and if these ladies do another content day I will be first in line. There was also another sunset couples session that was part of this, so keep an eye out for that blog post soon!! :)