Have you considered eloping?

There are many pros and cons to eloping, so I'm here to share some of my knowledge of elopements to help guide you in the right direction. To make this blog a little spicier I will be including photos from a styled elopement hosted by Wander Away Styled Shoots at Sand Mountain in Nevada.

Let's start with what elopements have become. The word elope no longer means running off to Vegas to get married because you don't want to deal with family drama or you have a special surprise on the way.

Elopements are now intimate wedding experiences that can include a small group of family and friends, but be hosted anywhere in the world that is meaningful to the couple.

spring elopement at Sand mountain in Nevada
Spring elopement at Sand Mountain in Nevada
Spring elopement at Sand Mountain in Nevada
Sand Mountain, Nevada elopement
Elopement at Sand Mountain, Nevada

The Pros

- You get to truly spend your wedding day focused on your significant other and the love you share

- You can choose to have your ceremony almost anywhere, so it can be special and significant to you both.

- Less expensive!

- Less time consuming

- You can invite as few people as you want (or none at all)!

why to elope
pros and cons of eloping
mid-day elopement

The Cons

- You can be limited on who you are able to invite.

- A lot (or all) of the planning will be up to you rather than a wedding planner or coordinator.

- A typical elopement does not include a big reception to party with all of your

loved ones. That’s not to say that they can’t, but they are usually limited to a ceremony.

sand dune elopement
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boho sand dune elopement
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