Why is branding important?

First off let's start with why you should even consider branding portraits!

  • Photos of you and your brand will most likely be your potential clients first impression of you
  • When branding photos are done properly they can help foster a connection with your clients
  • You can stand out by showing your business' uniqueness through branding photography

Tip #1

Before your shoot create a branding board that includes everything you want your business to embody, and share it with your photographer in advance.

Include colors, inspiration images, poses, and at least 3 descriptive words you want your business & this photoshoot to radiate.

Pro tip: Look for inspiration outside of your industry to get a fresh take!

Photo by Sarah Woods Photography, Edited by Tori Stanton Photography

Tip #2

Dress to impress, but make sure you are comfortable and feel like yourself. Bring 2-3 outfits to wear throughout your session, and maybe even send the options to your photographer in advance to have them help you pick.

Pro tip: Choose a location that not only goes with your outfit choices, but also speaks to you and hopefully your potential clients.

Bri from 25th and Stone Photography

Tip #3

Do what you need to in advance to help you exude confidence at your shoot.

Here are some examples:

  • The week before your shoot take a little time each day to do some self care (face masks, hair/nail appointments, massages, etc)
  • Make a playlist that gets you pumped!
  • Bring a friend along to your shoot to help you loosen up
  • If need be, take a shot or drink a beer before the shoot :) (probably just one because we don't want you feeling too loosey goosey).
Photographer branding photos in the snow

Brittany Granados from Brittany Sierra Photography

Tip #4

Bring props! The more the merrier!!

Props along with multiple outfits, and a diverse location can help you get a variety of shots!

Photographer branding portraits in Gardnerville Nevada

Sarah Woods

Tip #5

Think about what photos you absolutely NEED for your website, social media, etc and share your shot list with your photographer. The worst thing is getting your photos back and realizing that key components of your brand are not showcased.

Photographer branding portraits at Washoe Lake Nevada