Cozy and Sexy all in one session!!

I've now shot Mikayla and Mason twice and I would do it again and again! I first met them when they were a part of the Level The Fuck Up content day hosted by Taylor kern and Kassidy Marie Hardgrove. They freaking brought it!! and by it I mean their own giant canoe :) haha. They were troopers and carried it all the way down some steep sandy steps (and back up at the end of the night), and it was not light. They were so playful and loving in their cozy clothes AND THEN...... they stripped down to their swimsuits and things got steamy. I learned so much from listening to Taylor directing them, and I hope to take that knowledge into all of my future shoots. One of the biggest takeaways for me was to fully commit to get the shot, whether thats getting your gear a little wet for that paddle spray shot or going thigh deep in the water to get those swimming shots. I did both of these, and I may or may not have taken off my pants to drive home because I was soaking wet and covered in sand :)

Calawee Cove on Lake Tahoe has my heart and I would shoot here every day if I could!