Lake Tahoe offers stunning locations for your elopement, with a variety of breathtaking outdoor settings that cater to different preferences and styles.

Here are some of the best outdoor places to consider for your elopement in and around Tahoe:

Emerald Bay State Park

This iconic location boasts panoramic views, including the stunning vista of Emerald Bay and Fannette Island. This location is a wonderful option in just about every season. The views are beyond beautiful whether you prefer rising with the sun to marry your true love, or watching it set to end the day together.

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Lake Tahoe sunrise elopement
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Zephyr Cove

This area features a beautiful beach along with pine trees and stunning views. It offers a balance of natural beauty and easy accessibility, making it an excellent spot for a small, intimate ceremony.

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Lake Tahoe beach elopement
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Cave Rock

Cave Rock is a natural formation that holds cultural and historical significance and offers a unique setting for as well as breathtaking panoramic views for your ceremony.

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Skylandia offers stunning natural backdrops, including the beach, the shoreline and dock, and the forested areas. This can be your one stop shop for getting a variety of backdrops for photos throughout your wedding day.

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forest elopement Lake Tahoe
Skylandia elopement Lake Tahoe
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Monkey Rock

Monkey Rock, a unique rock formation along the shores of Lake Tahoe, has become an iconic spot for adventurous elopements. Although it is a popular landmark, it's not as crowded as some other locations.

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Remember to check regulations and permit requirements for your chosen location, especially if you plan to have a ceremony with a group or set up any decorations. Also, consider the season and weather conditions when planning your elopement in Lake Tahoe, as the beauty of each location can vary throughout the year. As with any natural setting, it's essential to leave no trace. Respect the environment by cleaning up after the ceremony and avoiding any damage to the surroundings.

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