A Mothers Love

This is my best friend Bree and her amazing daughter. Bree and I grew up together and got extremely close in high school, we even went to college together. Even though our lives have significantly changed over the years with marriages and babies, we still go on yearly girls trips and make time to talk to and see each other whenever we can. This past summer Bree found herself with some unexpected time off and she decided to pack up her daughter and come visit!

I was excited to see my friend, but I told her that if she was going to visit she was required to let me take mommy & me photos!

Bree is one of the kindest souls I've ever met, and her daughter is no different. She is so full of life, laughter, and love and it was so fun to capture! Their visit was short but sweet, and my son Bodie always loves having friends to play with.

We got to run around in the grass, pick lots of dandelions and make all the wishes!!!!

If you've ever done a family photo shoot then you know that most of the time to get the kids through it you may need to bribe them. :) I cannot tell you how many times we had to promise her ice cream to get all of these adorable smiles and giggles, but by the time we got back she had forgotten all about it and settled for a bath and bed time.