Ally is another wonderful local photographer that I have been able to meet through social media. A few weeks prior to this shoot I had posted that I was looking for someone to trade family photos with, and although I did get quite a few responses I felt like Ally was the best fit. :)

We both agreed that Hope Valley would be the best choice since there would most likely be some beautiful fall colors. When the day came it happened to be the coldest day we had had in months, but we went for it anyways, and it was WORTH IT! Ally and her sweet family drove all the way from Fernley to meet up with my son and I to trade some shots!

I was a little worried that I had chosen a time that was too late because when I arrived there wasn't that golden glow that I was expecting, but we lucked out that it was just a little cloudy and as the clouds moved through we got some gorgeous rays of sunshine.

None of our kids were super on board to take cute photos out in the cold, but after a short while they warmed up, and we really got some great shots of each others families.

I am so appreciative for the amazing community of female photographers that we have here in the Reno/Tahoe area, I couldn't have started my business in a better place!